In the eastern part of Canaima National Park in southeastern Venezuela, better known as La Gran Sabana, we find the legendary Mount Roraima, a meeting place for adventurers and naturalists for over a century and considered one of the best "TREKS" in the South American continent. Since the publication of the novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle "The Lost World" in 1912, describing a South American plateau inhabited by prehistoric animals, inspired by the tepui, there have been many who have dared to climb and enjoy a endemic nature that invites exploration.

It is the highest of the Venezuelan "tepuis" with an altitude of 2810 meters and is located in the mountains of Pakaraima on the border between Guyana, Brazil and Venezuela. Its surface is 31 km2 and in it, we find endemic species of flora and fauna such as the frog Oreophrynella quelchii, and the bush Bonnetia roraimŇď. Its name "RORAIMA" consists of the words of the Pemon language "RORO" meaning blue-green and "IMA" meaning large, this would translate "Great Blue Green" Although most indigenous from the Pem√≥n tribe refers to it as "The mother of all waters", probably due to the impresive and numerous waterfalls that run down its walls after heavy rain. A memorable climb to the spectacular landscape of the Gran Sabana, come with us to climb Mount Roraima, and discover for yourself why today is still considered "A Lost World"





Length: 6 days and 5 nights
Difficulty: Medium - Hard - good physical conditions recommended
The most recommended stay, six days to step by step reach the top on the third day and then spend two nights in the summit exploring the diversity of sights, rock formations, endemic plants and cristall valleys Roraima has to show us!
Day to day program: 
  1. Day 1: Santa Elena - Paraitepuy - Rio T√∂k / Kukenan: Transport by 4x4 vehicles from Santa Elena to the indian village of Paraitepuy de Roraima, passing through the town of San Francisco de Yuruan√≠. At Paraitepuy, we‚Äôll have a snack and time to complete the packing of our backpacks. This first day will be a descend from an altitude of 1200 masl to 1000 masl at the T√∂k River. It‚Äôs going to be our first encounter with this beautiful scenary, the great and wide Gran Sabana! The walk will last about 5 hours and we¬īll have to cross two rivers. Depending on the flow of rivers Kukenan and T√∂k we‚Äôll spend the night in the camp of the first or the second. Dinner and overnight for the first time under the starry sky of La Gran Sabana!

  2. Day 2: Rio Tök / Kukenan Base Camp: A day to enjoy a walk through the savanna to intermediate difficulty level which offers endless opportunities to enjoy nature and for photography lovers. We’ll stop for lunch at the "military camp" and will continue the trek with an ascent to the base camp located at 1870 meters, have time to cool off in a nearby stream while our guides prepare a hot dinner.

  3. Day 3: Base Camp - Summit of Roraima: This is probably the hardest day of those who make up the trek, but surely that will give us more satisfaction. We’ll have a strong breakfast to have energy for the climb and begin our attack for the summit of Roraima. We enter into a dense jungle vegetation, of overwhelming beauty and habitat of various species of birds that hopefully we spott. Upon reaching the summit we’ll be welcome by extraordinary rock formations such as "The Flying Turtle" Here our guide will take us to our "hotel" as they commonly call caves used as campsites at the summit. After a nice tea or chocolate , we’ll help to finish the set up of our camp. After that we'll go for a short hike to explore the top of the tepui. Back to camp for dinner.

  4. Day 4: Summit of Roraima: Roraima is a compilation of amazing and unexpected views, difficult to describe, many refer to it as being in "another planet" With the help of our guide we’ll decide which tepui sites to visit, main higlights are: "The Maverick" or "El Carro" the highest point of Roraima, "The Valley of the Crystals", The Jacuzzis, The Cave "Guácharo" The Window, "La Catedral" or even more distant sites such as the "Triple Point" border between Guyana, Brazil and Venezuela. We will stop for a snack at noon and continue our tour on this magical place. We return to camp for dinner.

  5. Day 5: Summit of Roraima - Rio Tök / Kukenan: Today we descend for about seven hours from the summit to Tök or Kukenan rivers. We can always look back to enjoy the majestic views of Kukenan and Roraima. We will divide the walk into two parts, first the descent down the ramp to the base camp. Here we will take a break for the legs and have a light snack. Then continue to the rivers which we’ll both cross to reach Rio Tök campsite. Farewell dinner at the camp.

  6. Day 6: We only have the four hours that separate us from Paraitepuy, enjoy this last stretch and reaching the village you will be greeted with a refreshing snack. We take our vehicles and go for lunch at San Francisco de Yuruaní and then continue our trip back to Santa Elena, being able to in the Jasper Creek, if the group requires.



  • Roundtrip transportation from Santa Elena to Paraitepuy¬†
  • Specialized bilingual guide.¬†
  • Porters for food and heavy equipment (tents, kitchen, portable toilet) You can hire a personal porter ¬†that can carry up to 15Kg, is contracted at the time of departure and the cost is on the hiker. we can provide those prices at the time of booking.¬†Remember that only cash payments are accepted for this service if they are done on site.¬†
  • Portable toilet¬†
  • Tents (for two people, a surcharge will be applied for single occupancy)¬†
  • All meals from the snack, the day of departure to lunch on the last day, total: 5 breakfasts, 6 lunches - lunches, 5 dinners. According to legend: B: Breakfast, L: Lunch, D: Dinner)¬†
  • Radio communications in emergencies and first aid.
  • ¬†


  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips
  • Any form of transport or activities not mentioned in the program.
  • Helicopter transportantion in case of emergency



You can copy and paste this list into a text file and use it as a "checklist" before the trip

[ ] Passport or original identity document
[ ] Swimsuit
[ ] Sun protection (cream , sunglasses and hat )
[ ] Raincoat (if covers the backpack much better)
[ ] Anorak - or rain jacket
[ ] Flashlight
[ ] Closed shoes either hiking - trekking, thick socks and sandals preferably of the robust type to alternate with the shoes
[ ] Towel
[ ] For the walk light Clothing : We recommend a single change for every day, you will be able to wash the dirt away in rivers. During the rainy season this will get wet every day, get used to this idea, as is the key to avoid having several changes of wet clothes that would result in additional weight in the backpack.
[ ] Clothing for cold nights since the temperature can drop down to 10 or 8 degrees celsius: Fleece jacket or pulover. We do also recommend the lycra runnig pants, as they take very little space and can be warm.
[ ] Insect repellent . Against jejen or " puripuri " as is known the sand fly in Gran Sabana, we found that the mixture of baby oil and a vial of vitamin complex "B " is undoubtedly the most effective repellent . Approx 100 ml baby oil , 1 vial of injectable B complex. You apply it directly to the skin, It wont be the best fragance you'll wear but it'll keep you save from the annoying "puri"
[ ] Ensure sufficient charged batteries and staorage for your photographic gear  to cover the 6 days.
[ ] Plastic bags of several sizes to protect your gear from the rain .
[ ] Sleeping Bag
[ ] Mattress
[ ] Sweet or energy bars
[ ] A utility knife
[ ] Necessary medical treatment for the hiker if necessary. Report any medical condition at the time of booking


  • This itinerary may change depending on weather conditions at the time and the influx of visitors. The ¬†Roraima trek can be done troughout the year. The best time to visit this region is from November to July which tends to be the dryest.
  • Normally we prefer that our passengers bring their own matresses and / or sleeping bags, otherwise they can be rented before departure for a modest price.
  • When coming back from Roraima, the park rangers will make a extensive search of our luggage, so we ask all our passengers not to take any kind of stone or crystal from the summit of the tepuy, as they may be fined.
  • Bring all your trash with you, we have a portable toilet and our team of porters will bring heavier rubbish, trash bins are always placed in each of the campsites.


The Roraima Trek can be combined with a visit to  La Gran Sabana (+3-4 days), Canaima & Angel Falls (+2-3 days), Orinoco Delta (+2-3 days), or the Caura River (+5 days). Depending on your available time and interests we can help you out desinging a combination of tours, so you’ll get the most out of the region!





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