In Araguato we are fans of monkeys and primates in general , it's the animal that best represents man in nature. Primates are a beautiful illustration of what men would be immersed in the natural environment deprived of their evolved cognitive abilities.

Hence the name of the agency ... " Araguato " Which is Venezuela's common name of the red howler monkey, scientificaly known as: Alouatta Seniculus . One of the largest primates in the country and certainly the best dristributed among all Venezuelan eco systems. It can an be seen in Los Llanos, in the foothills, in the surrounding forrests of Lake Maracaibo, the coastal range, the jungles of the Orinoco Delta and the Venezuelan Amazon, to name a few habitats. So it is very likely you'll see it in one of our tours! Its main feature is it's howling as it names says, it can be heart even a mile away!Don't believe us? Listen to it here

More info on this iconic species following this link: The Araguato monkey on Wikipedia